Run-DMC: "Hip-hop targets stupid America"


Ci voleva uno dei padri fondatori, un pioniere, ci voleva il 49enne Darryl McDaniels dei Run-DMC a sottolineare e rimarcare lo stato attuale dell’hip hop americano. Il newyorchese in un’intervista al britannico Metro parla del messaggio negativo che lancia l’hip hop moderno alla gioventù americana. “Stupid America celebrates a person being a drug-dealer. Ninety-eight per cent of hip hop music that’s out now I say is just bad demos. Lil Wayne, Jay Z ain’t hot, it’s just they’re programmed so many times people are brainwashed”. E ancora: “A rapper will use this excuse: ‘man they don’t go after Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis when they make their violent movies‘ and I go ‘if you’re going to use that excuse get off the mic, don’t produce’. I’ll personally kick your ass out of hip hop cos if you’re using that excuse go be an actor”. Infine sul messaggio positivo che l’hip hop dovrebbe diffondere: “If you make a record about a gun, on that very same record or album there’s gotta be a record about not using a gun. If you’re making a record on the bitch or the hoes, there’s got to be a record about your aunt who worked all of the days of her life to send all her children to college. The reason hip-hop exists is because it started out with good intentions ‘ once all the good intentions left, the music became polluted, it became disrespectful, it became immature”. Grazie.