Quilt: in Italia


Quattro date per i bostoniani Quilt a supporto del terzo album ‘Plaza’ fuori per Mexican Summer. “Very excited to announce that we’ll be coming back to Europe / UK in Fall. This will be our first time visiting Spain & Portugal so make sure to come give us a warm welcome!”. Il disco? “Plaza clarifies Quilt’s musical stance of a congregation, mixing folk, pop, and psychedelia into a common ground where each form takes on the characteristics of one another to create something wholly satisfying, styles and sentiments hand in hand, the purest distillation of Quilt’s group aesthetic to date”.

2 novembre @ Blah Blah/Torino
3 novembre @ Le Mura/Roma
4 novembre @ Freakout/Bologna
5 novembre @ Shockando Festival/Piazzola sul Brenta-PD


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