Prefuse 73: 3 nuove release


Vita nuova per Guillermo Scott Herren aka Prefuse 73. Il 2015 si apre infatti con l’arrivo nella nuova casa Temporary Residence Ltd. (alle spalle c’è stata la Warp). Via Facebook il produttore floridiano annuncia 3 release. Il nuovo lavoro (lungo) arriva a quattro anni dal precedente ‘The Only She Chapters’. Nel disco figurano Sam Dew, Milo, Busdriver, Rob Crow (Pinback) e Helado Negro. ‘Infrared

New Prefuse73 releases via: Temporary Residence Ltd. !!!

Forsyth Gardens EP (28 aprile)

“I’ve come back to hyper focusing — immersing myself in the sounds, rhythms, and formations that created Prefuse 73 in the first place. Recently, I’ve found a new life in the whole process of refining what I’ve created over the years as ‘Prefuse.’ Right now I’m at my most confident and comfortable since 05/06”.

Rivington Não Rio LP (12 maggio)

“Revels in the kind of compassionate complexity that marks Prefuse 73’s greatest works, with a profound new element added to the mix: Patience”.

Every Color of Darkness EP
(14 luglio)

“Epic triptych”.