Pink Floyd: il nuovo album


“Btw Pink Floyd album out in October is called “The Endless River”. Based on 1994 sessions is Rick Wright’s swansong and very beautiful”. L’annuncio viene dato da Polly Samson, la moglie di David Gilmour, che attraverso Twitter anticipa quello che sarà il futuro dei Pink Floyd. A metà maggio sempre la signora Samson aveva postato via Instagram una foto in studio del marito con la fedelissima singer Durga McBroom-Hudson a testimoniare i lavori sull’album solista seguito di ‘On An Island’. Proprio la vocalist conferma: “Remember this photo? It wasn’t what you THOUGHT it was. From Polly Samson on Twitter… YES. THERE IS A NEW PINK FLOYD ALBUM COMING OUT. AND I’M ON IT. And there was much rejoicing”.

E aggiunge: “The recording did start during The Division Bell sessions (and yes, it was the side project originally titled ‘The Big Spliff’ that [Pink Floyd drummer] Nick Mason spoke about). Which is why there are Richard Wright tracks on it. But David and Nick have gone in and done a lot more since then. It was originally to be a completely instrumental recording, but I came in last December and sang on a few tracks. David then expanded on my backing vocals and has done a lead on at least one of them. That’s the song you see being worked on in the photo.” She also added that the album consists entirely of unreleased songs”.

Altra conferma giunge anche dall’ingegnere del suono Andy Jackson mediante il fan site Floydian Slip mentre il manager di Gilmour afferma che ci sarà un annuncio ufficiale il 7 luglio. Bocche cucite invece alla Warner. Da stabilire infine se Roger Waters sarà coinvolto (questa volta nessun pesce d’aprile!) e che fine farà il disco solista di Gilmour (pensiero al momento sicuramente molto meno interessante…).

Roger Waters non sarà della partita e non c’è al momento in programma un tour. I brani arrivano dalle sessioni di ‘The Division Bell’ quindi con David Gilmour, Nick Mason e Richard Wright. David Crosby e Graham Nash saranno due degli ospiti del nuovo album. A confermarlo – dopo le voci circolate nel novembre scorso che facevano pensare ad un un disco solista di David Gilmour – è lo stesso Nash che racconta a VH-1 Radio Network: “We went down to sing on this particular song that he wrote about friends that had died. It’s a beautiful song, too beautiful”. I due avevano già partecipato al disco di Gilmour del 2006 ‘On An Island’ come ricorda il musicista americano: “I’m hoping that it’s as good as ‘On An Island’ because I thought that that song of Gilmour’s was not only a brilliant song, but I thought we sang pretty good on it”.

Vengono svelate alcune foto del nuovo album e nello specifico del master vinilico. La Acoustic Sounds dichiara: “We’re ecstatic that QRP was chosen to press ‘The Endless River’ on vinyl and proud that our recent pressing of ‘The Division Bell’ was so highly received. When we say we press the world’s finest-sounding LPs, we mean it”.

David Gilmour e Nick Mason svelano altri dettagli durante una recente intervista rilasciata al magazine Uncut. Il forum riassume:

It is not based on The Big Spliff. Only a few seconds of the original Big Spliff (which was created by Andy Jackson) appear. It does not contain any source from The Soundscape (Pulse Cassette). Rick Wrights original recording from playing the Organ at The Royal Albert Hall during afternoon rehearsals in June 1969 has been mixed in. The LP is based on four different pieces each taking a side each. There is one song with lyrics called “Louder Than Words”. This song is concerned with providing a full stop to the Pink Floyd saga, embracing the full history of the band. It focuses on the more atmospheric and digressive aspects of Pink Floyd and includes snippets of conversation. Phil Manzanera played a key role throughout the project which started in August 2012 by Gilmour asking him to listen to the jam sessions. Nick Masons drumming was the first element to be recorded in November 2013. Gilmour and Mason spent in total 30 days over dubbing guitars and recording drums. Apparently a very interactive and positive experience with Mason and Gilmour playing together again. Release date is 10th November.

The Endless River:

1. Things Left Unsaid
2. It’s What We Do
3. Ebb And Flow
4. Sum
5. Skins
6. Unsung
7. Anisina
8. The Lost Art of Conversation
9. On Noodle Street
10. Night Light
11. Allons-y (1)
12. Autumn’68
13. Allons-y (2)
14. Talkin’ Hawkin’
15. Calling
16. Eyes To Pearls
17. Surfacing
18. Louder Than Words


Il primo teaser preview di 30 secondi con un “classico” solo di David Gilmour (ascolta)

L’autore della copertina del nuovo album, ha 18 anni, è egiziano, si chiama Ahmed Emad Eldin ed è stato scoperto dal team dei creativi che lavora per i Pink Floyd attraverso internet (“They saw my artwork on and emailed me”). Il giovane studente universitario svela l’ispirazione che lo ha portato alla realizzazione della copertina: “This one came to me after thinking about the intersection of life, nature, and what is beyond the world what takes you to new limits”.

UPDATE – Il celebre fisico Stephen Hawking viene nuovamente ospitato dai Pink Floyd dopo il contributo in ‘Keep Talking’ (‘The Division Bell’). La sua voce elettronica si ascolta nel brano ‘Talkin’ Hawkin’. Richard Wright (scomparso nel 2008) compare accreditato come co-autore di 12 brani. Il quartetto Escala compare in ‘Louder Than Words’.