Phil Ramone – R.I.P.


E’ morto all’età di 72 anni Phil Ramone. Leggendario produttore/ingegnere del suono che in carriera vantava, tra le altre cose, anche 14 Grammy Award. 50 anni di carriera per il sudafricano di nascita che includono soprattutto le storiche collaborazioni con Bob Dylan (‘Blood on the Tracks’), Paul McCartney (‘Ram’), Frank Sinatra (‘Duets’), Paul Simon (‘Still Crazy After All These Years’)… e ancora Ray Charles, Billy Joel, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Tony Bennet. “He is also credited with recording Marilyn Monroe’s intoxicated version of “Happy Birthday to You” to President John F. Kennedy”. Ma soprattutto: “Ramone was also an early innovator of the compact disc and in 1982, his company A&R Recording made Billy Joel’s 52nd Street the world’s first commercially marketed compact disc”.


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