Patrick Carney > Jack White: ancora una risposta


Il botta e risposta non si arresta. Dopo le “spiegazioni” e le “precisazioni” di Jack White apparse all’improvviso sul sito ufficiale (leggi), Patrick Carney al The Tennessean ritorna ancora una volta sulla questione. “I’ve learned over the last year, especially the last couple months, sometimes it’s best to shut the (expletive) up and let someone else dig the hole for once. That’s my stance on life right now. I’m chillin’. My mouth can get me in so much trouble, I know it. Nathan (Followill) was one of the first people to text me when we found out we had the No. 1 record. And I’m always one of the first people to text him when they have something good going on. There are no bands — with the exception of one person who I won’t even name who I’ve never met (White) — that I’m not friends with“. Speriamo sia l’ultimo capitolo.