Nick Murphy (Chet Faker): in Italia


Torna il fu Chet Faker. Torna Nick Murphy il 26 aprile con il nuovo album ‘Run Fast Sleep Naked’ (via Downtown Records) anticipato dal singolo ‘Sanity’ (scritto negli studi di Rick Rubin) a due anni dal precedente EP ‘Missing Link’. “It’s almost like I was finding different shapes and colors from around the world, and then bringing them back and putting them all together… If you sit in one space for a long period of time, you get settled and stop experiencing the world in a new way… There’s a kind of power in leaping into the void without set structures and systems in place… At some point I realized there was a path I could continue on where I could put things forward as a way to boost myself up, or as a gain to my ego, but that’s not true to the whole purpose and role of the artist”.

7 ottobre @ Teatro Concordia/Torino