Nathan Fake: nuovo album + in Italia


Nathan Fake torna in Italia a supporto del quarto album ‘Providence’ che sarà fuori il 10 marzo via Ninja Tune. “This album was written in a short, intense space of time, all the tracks being tightly linked with their instrumentation and melodic style. Working with vocalists Dominick and Raphaelle has been quite eye-opening, definitely adding another layer to this record in comparison with earlier works. It’s been a very personal experience writing this album, these tracks affect me more deeply emotionally than all my earlier music, but that’s not to say it’s a self-indulgent, introspective record – I think it’s some of the most real and vivid music I’ve ever made”.

23 marzo @ Teatro della Tosse/Genova
24 marzo @ Circolo Magnolia/Milano
25 marzo @ Locomotiv/Bologna
26 maggio @ Spring Attitude Festival/Roma


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