Morrissey on Smiths reunion


Ristabilitosi dai problemi all’esofago e all’ulcera, e dopo aver annullato la partecipazione allo show di Jimmy Kimmel (“Then the prospect of appearing alongside the bloodthirsty rednecks of A&E’s Duck Dynasty so offended the renowned vegetarian that he canceled a rare network TV appearance”), Morrissey si concede all’Hollywood Reporter per una breve quanto esaustiva intervista. Riportiamo alcuni dei passaggi cardine iniziando dal discorso relativo all’essere vegetariano:

“The world has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. There are more people like me in it, and we are sick to death of animal abuse. Even people who still eat animals openly admit that it’s wrong. There’s so much disgusting propaganda displayed in support of eating animals that the only way to fight back is without restraint”.

Sulle label e sul suo futuro discografico: “I have no DIY instincts, and recording without a major label would give the music world yet another reason to completely ignore me. I’ve had one very poor offer from Sony but otherwise nothing ever happens. The search for wisdom goes on. Help!”

Quindi sugli Smiths: A lot of people are homesick for The Smiths and not because everyone else is abysmal, but because the songs of The Smiths are so good. With most bands, if they have two decent songs, they end up with five-star reviews. There are so many easy victories these days for other bands. But The Smiths were never promoted and almost never received radio play, and this mystery has protected them in the long run. But a reformation will never take place because reformations can only work if the same spirit that made the band form in the first place still exists. But it doesn’t.



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