Morrissey: il nuovo album


A marzo 2020 via BMG il nuovo album di Morrissey! Si chiama ‘I Am Not A Dog On A Chain’, registrato a St-remy con la produzione di Joe Chiccarelli. Undici tracce che il Moz descrive così: “… the very best of me… too good to be true… too true to be considered good… “. Il primo singolo sarà ‘Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know?’ che avrà come guest Thelma Houston. La B-side invece sarà ‘Rainbow Valley’ cover di un hit dei The Love Affair. A conclusione del contratto la BMG nel 2020 ristamperà gli album ‘Southpaw Grammar’, ‘Maladjusted’, ‘You Are The Quarry’, ‘Ringleader Of The Tormentors’, ‘Years Of Refusal’ e ‘Live At The Hollwood Bowl’.

Jim Jim Falls
Love Is On Its Way Out
Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?
I Am Not A Dog On A Chain
What Kind Of People Live In These Houses?
Knockabout World
Darling, I Hug A Pillow
Once I Saw The River Clean
The Truth About Ruth
The Secret Of Music
My Hurling Days Are Done