Michael Kiwanuka: in Italia


Tre anni dopo l’acclamato ‘Love & Hate’ Micahel Kiwanuka annuncia il nuovo album ‘KIWANUKA’ che sarà fuori il 25 ottobre via Interscope. Ancora una volta la produzione è affidata a Danger Mouse e il primo singolo è ‘You Ain’t The Problem’. L’artista racconta: “The last album came from an introspective place and felt like therapy, I guess. This one is more about feeling comfortable in who I am and asking what I want to say. Like, how could I be bold and challenge myself and the listener? It is about self-acceptance in a more triumphant rather than melancholy way. It’s an album that explores what it means to be a human being today. When I first signed a record deal, people would ask me, ‘So what are you going to be called?’. And I never thought of that; calling myself Johnny Thunders or whatever, like singers from the past. So, on this album it’s kind of a defiant thing; I’m engaging with who I am and I’m not going to have an alter ego, or become Sasha Fierce or Ziggy Stardust, even though everyone’s telling me I need to be this, that or the other. I can just be Michael Kiwanuka”.

7 dicembre @ Fabrique/Milano