Mercury Rev: in Italia


20 anni di “Deserter’s Songs” da celebrare in un tour USA/Europa. I Mercury Rev tornano in Italia.

Mercury Rev celebrates the 20th anniversary of their fragile opus ‘Deserter’s Songs’ with a series of intimate, acoustic evenings featuring many of the stories and songs surrounding the heartbreaking 1998 classic album. Performed in the ‘whisper and strum’ way they were originally written, this promises to be an extraordinary glimpse into the forces that nearly destroyed a band and the strange events leading up to a most unexpected return.

12 settembre @ Serraglio/Milano
13 settembre @ Teatro Cinema Moderno/Savignano sul Rubicone-FC
14 settembre @ Chiesa Valdese/Roma
15 settembre @ Anfiteatro del Venda/Galzignano Terme-PD