Mark E. Smith contro tutti! Da Kate Bush ai Metallica


Impossibile non adorarlo Mark E. Smith. Il leader dei Fall, che qualche anno fa le mandò a dire ai cari Mumford & Sons, sulle pagine del Manchester Evening News viene chiamato a dare un’opinione su Kate Bush e sul suo ritorno live. “Who decided it was time to start liking her again? I never even liked her the first time round. It’s like all these radio DJs have been raiding their mam’s and dad’s record collections and decided that Kate Bush is suddenly cool again. But I’m not having it”.

Poi sul Salford Music Festival dove sarà presente prossimamente fino alla chiosa sui Metallica: “The Fall aren’t really a festival band. We’re a city group, and we prefer to perform in cities. Festivals have become totally over-priced; they’re all about charging 900 quid a ticket so these rich parents can send Jemima and Tarquin for a nice weekend away. I watched a bit of Glastonbury on BBC for the first time in my life this year – I literally forced myself to watch five minutes of Metallica without vomiting. But I like Salford Festival. There’s something very DIY about it. It’s more in the spirit of The Fall”.

In attesa del nuovo live album pronto per ottobre e a metà delle registrazioni del 31esimo disco, Smith parla del music business: “The music business is the most conservative business I know. Even the label I’m on now, Cherry Red, needs a kick up the arse every now and then. Record labels need everything neatly planned out 18 months in advance, but I prefer to work quicker than that”.