Loop: cambio di line-up


Il primo campanello “d’allarme” lo aveva lanciato due giorni fa Simon Scott degli Slowdive che attraverso Twitter scriveva un laconico “Loop RIP”. 48 ore dopo le cose sono state chiarite da Robert Hampson che su Facebook scrive il seguente comunicato:

A change of heart, a change of plans… Tho’ I am very saddened that the last line-up of LOOP cannot continue in it’s current form, after much soul searching and with incredible support of people who are very close and dear to me, I have decided to continue LOOP in another form. Too much time and great effort on behalf of many got it back on it’s legs after such a long time away. The response to the recent reactivation has been more than incredible. So much goodwill and heartfelt love has been thrown this way and without wishing to spoil the broth, it seems just too damn sad to curl up and die when possibilites are presented to me (ever the one to take on a challenge and challenge back) that deep deep deep in my heart, I have to at least make a play and see what transpires. Before anyone sneers, let me say this.

Yes, it might be shit. I agree on that. But let it breathe and see first before casting stones. I’ll be the first to swiftly turn around and walk away if it stinks. There have be various line-ups before and nobody has seemed to have taken offence. After all, it has to be said… I’m the founder of this project and the only original member anyhow. (Hate saying that, but really… it’s the simple truth) My thanks still remain with James Endeacott, Beki Stewart, Ian ‘Glen’ Glenister, John Wills, Neil Mackay and Scott Dowson for making LOOP happen over the past years. I so very much wanted Scott to stay, but sadly, life simply gets in the way of things at times and it isn’t possible for him to do so. I love that man and he knows that I would do all I could to make things change, but I’m just not in that position at this time. I have written two new songs that I had planned for LOOP before we finished last week, and I was hoping to move forward into the studio at some point and at least, try something new.  I have no idea what this all may bring. Give it a chance at least. There are plans for more concerts around the world and sadly, some have had to be cancelled due to the latest developments. The shows in Iceland (ATP Takeover) and Poland (OFF Festival) are now, with deep regret, not within reach. But other offers are coming in thick and fast and there is much ground to be covered. Yesterday, I was the saddest I had ever been for a very long time. But people rallied around and got me to at least admit that it doesn’t have to be over until I say it’s over. So… with that in mind and actually taking it in, I’m going to give it a shot. For fuck’s sake, be patient with me. You waited 24 fucking years so another few months won’t hurt. Let’s see what happens, eh? Let it breathe. If it stinks, then do not doubt me, I’ll be the first to say so and will sink that boat immediately.

Always Forward!

With love and total respect to you all who have stuck by thru thick and thin”



Loop @ Circolo degli Artisti [Roma, 25/Novembre/2013]