Ladytron: il nuovo album


Sette anni dopo ‘Gravity The Seducer’ torna il quartetto liverpooliano Ladytron con il nuovo singolo ‘The Animals’ (prodotto da Jim Abbiss) preludio al sesto album che vedrà la luce in partnership con Pledge Music. Helen Marnie nel 2017 era tornata con il secondo album solista ‘Strange Words and Weird Wars’ mentre Daniel Hunt nel 2016 aveva co-prodotto l’EP di ritorno dei Lush. Il brano è ora accompagnato da uno short film così raccontato:

“The short film is a love letter to São Paulo that follows a group of young people on a sensory, violent, and joyous trip through the megalopolis’ underworld, creating a snapshot of Brazil’s dark, contemporary moment where shifting mores regarding culture, gender, spirituality, and identity collide. The film is the result of conversations between the director and Ladytron’s Daniel Hunt, who has lived in São Paulo for the past five years. Its saturated and murky hues and interplay between shadow and light capture the burgeoning city’s tensions and pleasures and reflect the sonic palette of the song which is a combination of primitive synths, emotive harmonies, and lyrics that contemplate humans’ bestial impulses.”