Kurt Cobain e quel ruolo in Pulp Fiction


C’è Kurt Cobain ovunque, sempre. E c’è Courtney Love sempre, ovunque. Tra spezzoni, trailer, anticipazioni, recensioni, estratti ed immagini di “Montage of Heck”, l’ex-signora Cobain trova il tempo di riempire spazi e pagine di giornali con i suoi ricordi e mezzi-scoop. L’ultimo in ordine di tempo riguarda il ruolo che fu offerto da Quentin Tarantino al leader dei Nirvana nel classico “Pulp Fiction”. Nel numero di maggio di V Magazine la Love racconta: “But I will tell you this: the reason he thanks [Quentin] Tarantino on the back of In Utero is because Tarantino and his team approached us both about Pulp Fiction to play the Rosanna Arquette and Eric Stoltz parts, and I felt like they were just asking me so they could get to Kurt. So I was like, ‘Just ask Kurt. I don’t want to do it’. So Kurt chickened out, and then he got another script by a guy called Michael Tolkin, do you remember him? He held that script close to his chest and he was so excited and for five seconds he thought, ‘Oh, I could be in movies.’ And then he kind of dropped it and it wasn’t really a big deal. But they did come knocking a little bit. He found out he was pretty and I think he tried to hurt his looks.”