Karen O & Danger Mouse: il disco


Il singolo è ‘Lux Prima’ e anticipa l’album che sarà fuori il 14 dicembre in edizione vinile bianco. Karen O si unisce artisticamente a Danger Mouse e proprio la cantante degli Yeah Yeah Yeahs racconta così la joint venture: “After making music for the past twenty years and embarking on making this record with Danger Mouse I knew a couple things. One was that the spirit of collaboration between us was going to be going to be a pure one, and two was that the more I live the less is clear to me. When you create from a blurry place you can go places further than you’ve ever been. I think we both were excited to go far out”. Sul singolo Danger Mouse spiega: “With ‘Lux Prima,’ we were really looking for a place rather than a sound. It was our first shared destination so we thought we’d take our time getting there. The song itself is a bit of a journey, but all the parts felt like they needed each other”.