Kanye West va in studio con la Swift e "chiarisce" la questione Beck


Sei anni dopo il celebre episodio agli MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West “abbraccia” Taylor Swift (fuori con il nuovo singolo ‘Style’, già pronta per il tour mondiale in compagnia delle HAIM) e conferma la collaborazione con la star 25enne: “going into the studio together”. Durante l’intervista (la prima post-Grammy) al Ryan Seacrest’s syndicated radio show, West sulla questione Beck spiega: “Beck is one of the nicest guys and one of the most respected musicians in the game. When I said that thing about respect artistry, I think it came off the wrong way and that was a mis-wording on my part. Obviously Beck is one of the most respected artists, and respects artistry. The voices in my head told me to go up.