Jon Spencer: il nuovo album


Fuori a breve via In The Red Records il nuovo album solista di Jon Spencer ‘Spencer Sings the Hits’ anticipato dal rutilante ‘I Got the Hits‘. Il disco è stato registrato con Sam Coones dei Quasi e con il batterista M. Sord. “Sam is someone with whom I have crossed paths many times over the years, I have always been a fan of his wild keyboard style and twisted tunesmith-ery. In fact we kicked around the idea of a collaboration way back in the early Aughts. I got to know Sord from many projects done at the Key Club (Andre Williams, JSBX, & Boss Hog), he was the handyman and assistant engineer that turned out to be a great drummer”. L’artista americano è reduce dalla rivampa dei Boss Hog culminata con l’album ‘Brood X’ pubblicato nel 2017. Il nuovo video è ‘Do The Trash Can’.

Side One:
01. Do the Trash Can
02. Fake
03. Overload
04. Time 2 Be Bad
05. Ghost
06. Beetle Boots

Side Two:
01. Hornet
02. Wilderness
03. Love Handle
04. I Got the Hits
05. Alien Humidity
06. Cape