Johnny Marr: il nuovo album


Johnny ci ha preso gusto. Ad un anno esatto dall’uscita del suo primo album solista (‘The Messenger’), l’ex-The Smiths a febbraio annunciava un nuovo capitolo per la fine di settembre. I’ve got a new record coming out in the end of September, the follow-up to last year’s.  I wanted to do the second one really quick. For me, it was just about being on tour and wanting to capture the spirit of the band and the audience before it wears off. I’d been touring for 11 months so I wanted to keep that same energy. I didn’t want to overthink it”. Il 30 maggio Johnny Marr scrive: “New album and UK tour dates announced next week”.

Ecco infine l’annuncio che arriva quasi due mesi dopo: Johnny’s second solo album ‘Playland’ to be released Oct 6th”. Il disco viene così presentato: “The title ‘Playland’ is inspired by ‘Homo ludens’, a 1938 book by the highly influential Dutch cultural theorist Johan Huizinga which explores the concept of play as a precursor and principal element of cultural development”.

1.    Back In The Box
2.    Easy Money
3.    Dynamo
4.    Candidate
5.    25 Hours
6.    The Trap
7.    Playland
8.    Speak Out Reach Out
9.    Boys Get Straight
10.    This Tension
11.    Little King


Johnny Marr @ Mole Vanvitelliana [Ancona, 3/Luglio/2013]