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A sei anni da ‘Hey Ma’ (e a quattro dalla “strana” coppia di mini-album) tornano attivi anche i “gloriosi” James. Gli anni ’90 della old britannia che fu sembrano essersi vestiti di fresco in attesa della primavera. Seppur attivi dagli inizi degli anni ’80 i mancuniani, lanciati come “i nuovi The Smiths”, troveranno fama e successo solo nella decade seguente, inserendosi tra sentimenti alternative, retaggi Madchester e voglia di brit-pop. Il 2 giugno esce il disco numero undici ‘La Petite Mort’. Il bassista Jim Glennie lo annuncia con un vero e proprio comunicato:

“Hello there everybody in ‘James’ land, Jim here. The very pleasurable duty of writing this introduction has fallen on my weary but capable shoulders. Like a tired but excited father announcing the birth of his thirteenth child, ‘The next James album is finished’. ‘Yes, I can’t believe it either’. It has sprung from writing sessions in Athens, Lisbon, the Scottish Highlands and the tropical paradise of Ancoats. We have had a long, sometimes toughicult [sic] but exciting journey, and it’s been oh so very fruitful and rewarding. ‘La Petite Mort’ is an album that has stretched us and the songs and pushed us to new heights in craftsmanship and intensity, ably captured by producer Maximilian Dingel. I know you won’t be getting the album till June, but with the pre-order is a free download of the first radio track off the album — ‘Frozen Britain’ — and I hope you enjoy it. James will be playing gigs and festival throughout the year, so keep an eye on wearejames.com for info. We will of course be playing lots of songs off the new record. There is also probably an arena tour in the pipeline but I don’t think I’m supposed to mention that, so I must remember to delete that bit before I send this.Anyway, a good year ahead for all of us, and hopefully for your good selves too”.
Best wishes, Jim Glennie

Ascolta ‘Frozen Britain’


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