Idles: il ritorno


Il primo singolo di quello che sarà il terzo album. Gli Idles tornano con ‘Mr. Motivator’ (“The song doubles down on the self-admitted sloganeering and social commentary that’s become the band’s signature, yet here more than ever they’re able to take clichés and turn them into music that’s deeply complex and brutally relevant”) seguito dell’acclamato ‘Joy as an Act of Resistance’ del 2018. Nel 2019 avevano pubblicato il 7″ ‘Mercedes Marxist’ mentre lo scorso dicembre il live ‘A Beautiful Thing: IDLES Live at Le Bataclan’.

Il cantante Joe Talbot racconta: “We want to start this journey with a means to not only encapsulate the album’s sentiment, but to encourage our audience to dance like no one is watching and plough through these dark times with a two ton machete of a song and the most beautiful community of scumbags ever assembled. Let’s go. All is love”.