Grimes: il nuovo album


A poca distanza dall’acclamato ‘Visions’, la 27enne canadesina Claire Boucher aka Grimes, ad aprile 2013 faceva sapere di essere al lavoro (e a buon punto) sul quarto album di una già prolifica carriera. “More than one-third but less than two-thirds, not one-half but more than one-quarter”. Due anni fa i punti fermi erano 3:

a) Inspired by Enya AND Paramore
b) “Experimental in its own right”
c) Quite hi-fi

Dopo le celebri discussioni vegane Grimes ad inizio 2014 anno ha quindi postato sul suo profilo Instagram una foto-copertina che fa prevedere un prossimo annuncio discografico. Mentre attraverso un altro social network (Twitter) ha confermato che il disco sarà fuori il 9 settembre (“sept 9 i think ^_^”).

A giugno si è aggiunto un altro capitolo alla faccenda. Al Governors Ball di New York ha presentato infatti tre brani nuovi, tra cui una canzone scritta per Rihanna che però è tornata alla base dopo il rifiuto dell’artista barbadiana. Via Twitter Grimes scriveva: “Also for those at gov ball, u should stick around for my final song because its special & top secret & new, actually im playin 3 new songs. but the last song is one me and @BLOOD_DIAMOND5 wrote for rihanna but they turned it down it so its kinda different from regular grimes. weve also re recorded and reproduced all the old visions songs too so they are much better now…”.

Siamo ad agosto. Arriva il trailer di ‘Go’ (ascolta) con ospite Blood Diamonds (guarda) per un video diretto da Roco-Prime (aka Claire e Mac Boucher). Ad inizio agosto ‘Go’ è stata track of the day per BBC Radio  1 mentre ‘Oblivion’ è stata dichiarata “the best track of the decade so far” nella discutibilissima classifica stilata qualche giorno fa da Pitchfork.

Agosto 2014 – Ecco il nuovo video di Go

“The circles of hell reflect more contemporary issues though. We shot a bunch at the salton sea which is basically an apocalyptic wasteland filled with dead fish because of human carelessness, the bullet hole hallway a la korn freak on a leash etc etc. If you look closely you can find clues. Haha, but in the usual fashion it is also abstract enough to just be a trippy visual accompaniment to the song”.

Settembre 2014. Durante un’intervista al New York Times l’artista dichiara che: “while working on her new album, she realised ‘it sucked’, so she ‘threw it out and started again'”. Pitchfork riprende la notizia e rilancia: Grimes has revealed that she has scrapped recordings for her next album and begun again from scratch, she took to Twitter to slam their reporting”. La canadese via Twitter non le manda a dire e scrive: “Pitchfork sucks. I scrapped that album like 7 months ago lol. “music journalism” smdh … haha. Sry to be so negative I just can’t stand these tabloids. On a more positive note I am in the studio and it’s great”.

Dicembre 2014Auguri speciali.

Marzo 2015. Grimes presenta ‘REALiTi‘: “since this is no longer gonna be on the album, I’m releasing it as a special thank you to everyone in Singapore, KL, Manila, Jakarta, HK, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo who came out to the shows! It was an honor to play with a bunch of amazing bands and travel to places I would never otherwise be able to go. This song was never finished. its a demo from ~ the lost album ~, recorded early 2013. i lost the ableton file, so its not mixed or mastered. i tried to doctor the mp3 into a listenable state, but it was poorly recorded in the first place and never meant to be heard by anyone, so its a bit of a mess haha”.

Maggio 2015 –  Il nuovo album probabilmente fuori ad ottobre.

Settembre 2015 – Viene annunciato il tour US/Canada e Grimes rilancia: “More locations, bigger-+ all ages shows + intl touring in the spring! limited options cuz wanted 2 finish album b4 commiting 2 tour. And new music and album info soon! Sorry it’s taking so long, I’m a one man creative team haha. Gotta get vids 2gthr then I’ll set it free”. Poi via Instragram aggiunge: “Also it’s kinda my fault for wanting to make sure the album was done before booking these shows so some aren’t all ages due to venue unavailability. doing all ages shows in the spring in bigger venues 
Re: new stuff — will drop some trax b4 tour. still mixing and working on vids cuz I’d like it all to be perfect 4 yall”.

19 ottobre 2015 – Svelato l’artwork di ‘Art Angels’ (opera della stessa artista che produce anche) lanciato così: “music and video next week”. Grimes racconta: “I think after Visions, I was trying to make new stuff using the same tools, and after a while, I wanted to shake it up a bit. I didn’t want to make another synth-pop record. But it was more about hanging out at my stepdad’s house where he has all of these guitars and I was trying to learn how to play watching YouTube tutorials. It was pretty fun, and musically and melodically, it gave me a whole new realm of possibilities. There are lots of songs without guitar, but I was more excited by the songs with them. It felt more like a new world, which is why a lot of those made the new record. For me the guitar has always been kind of a mystery. I guess it’s a pretty normal instrument, but for me it’s a very foreign thing…”.

26 ottobre – Ecco il nuovo video ‘‪Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream‬’ diretto dalla stessa Grimes.

30 ottobre – ‘SCREAM‘ è il nuovo brano presentato condiviso con la giovane rapper taiwanese Aristophanes.

UPDATE – In streaming:

Grimes – Art Angels


[C’era una volta…]

Neon Indian + Grimes @ Circolo degli Artisti (Roma, 2012)