Get Well Soon: celebrazione


“I‘m very happy to announce the release of new music by Get Well Soon.  After a lot of excursions to the fields of production, theatre, film and television, it‘s about time again. For a new album you will have to wait a bit longer though, but make it worth your while, 3 EPs will be released in November”. Trittico celebrativo per la creatura di Konstantin Gropper che per lanciare in orbita il ‘Greatest Hits’ coverizza il classico di George Michael ‘Careless Whisper’. Nel dettaglio ecco altre utili informazioni sulle uscite.


I don‘t know exactly, if has been an early midlife-crisis or a second puberty, a simple rush of nostalgia or an identity crisis that led to the question: Why did I start this in the first place? In any case it led me back to the music, that made me want to have a guitar and start a band. I think they used to call it College Rock. And I swear I started to have pimples again when I produced these songs.


This one‘s a reverence to one of my favorite authors: Arnold Stadler. Or maybe it‘s a salute to his 60th birthday this year. Mostly his novel „Death and me, the two of us“ („Der Tod und ich, wir zwei“) has been accompanying and inspring me for quite a while now. These five songs are a musical hommage to this very romantic, dark, smart and funny book. Self-pitty, crooked biographies, fear of being alone, the ridiculousness of life and most of all the great longing. Just like in one of Stadler‘s most famous quotes: ,Once in this world and then like this.‘ I could go on forever about the content, but I‘d much rather recommend to read the novel. I also hope, this music will work on its own, too.


Cover versions have a bit of a tradition with Get Well Soon. This EP is just a small collection of songs that I wanted to reinterpret. It has been my long-standing plan to cover only superhits on one record (I thought, I‘d learn something), but somehow that got lost somewhere along the way. That‘s why there are only three superhits and three secret hits on thsi EP. These versions  were developed for very different reasons and occasions over the years. I hope the selection is quite controversial.

[From archive]

Get Well Soon @ Villa Medici (Roma, 2010)


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