Flipper: reunion (con Yow)


Influenza nodale. Totale. 1979. San Francisco. Il primo split nel 1987 (in seguito alla morte del bassista Will Shatter). Ma il seme è già stato lasciato. Melvins e Nirvana giusto per fare i due nomi più celebri. Henry Rollins in “Get In The Van’ scrive: “They were just heavy. Heavier than you. Heavier than anything… When they played they were amazing”. Ritornano nel 1990, si perdono tre anni dopo, si ritrovano nel 2005 aggregando anche Krist Novoselic. Siamo ad inizio 2015. La storia ci racconta l’interessamento “italiano” per far tornare la band a suonare dal vivo: “DePace says that a promoter in Italy reached out to the group earlier this year about playing three shows there in November, but Calderwood’s back issues were impossible for the singer to overcome. Unable to give up on the idea, DePace says inspiration struck early this month when at a Chrome show in Los Angeles, Yow joined the legendary San Francisco group for a song”. Sarà dunque David Yow il nuovo cantante dei Flipper (OK, YOU BETTER SIT DOWN . . . . I’m singing for Flipper in November for three shows in Italy). Ecco il comunicato ufficiale.

Bruce Loose is retired from Flipper! He has suffered from a broken back since 1994. It has gotten to the point now where Bruce finds it impossible to continue with performing and touring. We want to thank Bruce for being part of what was a hell of a run from 1979 to now! With all the ups and downs and craziness that is all part of the punk rock package we managed to make “music history” with this band. For that and all the fun we had, we are eternally grateful. Bruce is moving on to do solo projects and Ted Falconi along with Steve DePace are going to carry on with long time 5th Flipper, Bruno DeSmartass on bass and we will be performing 3 shows in Italy with David Yow, formerly of Scratch Acid and The Jesus Lizard.

Tre le date consumate in Italia a novembre.