Electric Würms (Flaming Lips): il debutto


Senza pace artistica. Priolificità e schizofrenia. Iperattività ai masismi livelli. Wayne Coyne e Steven Drozd danno vita al progetto parallelo Electric Würms. Il primo sceglie il basso, il secondo la voce, il resto è completato dalla band di Nashville Linear Downfall. Il debutto ‘Musik, Die Shwer Zu Twerk’ (sei tracce) esce il 19 agosto via Warner Bros. Il primo singolo è la cover degli YesHeart of the Sunrise‘. Guarda video in studio

Ecco la brevissima presentazione ufficiale:

It all began in the late 70s when someone invented the right kind of acid that could make you fly! It seemed that everything was, at last, possible. And the overly optimistic freaks of the day began flying into outer space. They flew in spaceships that were, at first, made of futuristic super metal but before too long they didn’t even NEED ships. They BECAME the ships and they called themselves Electric Würms. I think because they became just bolts of electrified electricity that could penetrate wormholes in the far reaches of the unknown galactic heaven. And before they died they sent back to earth beings a sonic bible of discoveries and failures. It was, until now, a strange unsolvable mystery of frequencies and rhythms. Two groups of determined musicians, artist and weirdo thinkers set forth to decipher its message. Two members of The Flaming Lips (Steven and Wayne) and four members of Linear Downfall (Charlee, Chance, Doom and Will) were the chosen ones. What you have is the first of, what could be endless, communicated sound stories. It is titled Musik, Die Schwer Zu Twerk which predicted this modern day dance move by almost forty years ago. Some of it is indeed hard to twerk to but some of it, if I could do it, is not. There is a particular track called Transform!!! that closely resembles a drug fueled boogie freak rock track by Miles Davis. Another verse Heart Of The Sunrise sounds vaguely like a song by the prog folk group Yes. Of course, Yes also turned themselves into space ships so it’s no wonder these songs share a similar vibe.