DRUMGASM: Hill/Weiss/Cameron!


E’ tempo ancora di superprogetti, supergruppi paralleli, superpotenze strumentali. Nascono i DRUMGASM. Ovverosia Zach Hill (di tutto di più), Janet Weiss (Sleater Kinney, Wiuld Flag) e Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden). “DRUMGASM is what happens when Matt Cameron, Janet Weiss, & Zach Hill set up together in a room & commence to EXPLODE. Record news tomorrow!”. Il disco di debutto esce via Jackpot Records che molto dettagliatamente spiega la genesi di questo drummer trio (leggi). “Three people, three drum kits, some microphones and a reel of tape – that’s it: pure spontaneity. There’s nothing out there that’s very comparable to this – maybe the Voodoo drum ritual music of the Drummers of the Societe Absolument Guinin, is all I can think of, though admittedly even that is a pretty far cry.”


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