David Yow (The Jesus Lizard): album solista


“MY SOLO ALBUM IS COMING OUT!!!!!!”. Un semplice tweet “urlato” in questo modo per annunciare il debutto solista dopo una vita discografica spesa nei Jesus Lizard (ancor prima negli Scratch Acid, riformati un paio di anni fa) oltre al breve passaggio negli squinternati Qui abbandonati nel 2008 (il duo sta per tornare con il nuovo album ‘Life, Water, Living’ realizzato con le lunghe mani di Toshi Kasai e Dale Crover). David Yow, artista totale, annuncia ‘Tonight You Look Like A Spider’ fuori il 25 giugno via Joyful Noise Recordings. Una gestazione lunga, praticamente dallo split dei Lizard del 1999, che lo ha visto poi collaborare con Mike Patton: “Sometime around the end of 1998, my dear and amazing buddy Alex was visiting my house. He knows everything. He showed me the most superficial, broad stroke rudiments of ProTools and I started fucking around. A week or two went by and I was out dancing through the filthy streets of Chicago when I ran into a fella who goes by the name of Mike. Mike is an extremely industrious and good looking man. He grabbed me violently by my dry and flakey shoulders and screamed at the top of his carbon flavored lungs, ‘YOU’RE MAKING A SOLO RECORD AND I’M PUTTING IT OUT WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!‘ He was right about the first part. I rented a saxophone for 2 months, I borrowed some guitars and some drums, I rummaged through the kitchen, I squeezed a fat cat, I poked and prodded and ended up with my very own music. It’s real good, if you like that kind of shit. I named it Tonight You Look Like A Spider after a spider I saw one night”.

Tre le versioni che verranno rese disponibili: “a regular black vinyl version, a deluxe version limited to 450 hand-numbered copies on grey/black vinyl with white splatter, and a version that comes with an actual slab of cement handmade by Yow himself. Avete letto bene! Proprio cemento! (foto)

Ascolta ‘Thee Itch’