David HAMMER – R.I.P.


E’ probabilmente morto per un’overodse David “Shizuo” Hammer, come viene confermato sui profili facebook dei Cobra Killer e di Hanin Elias. Ex ingegnere del suono per gli Atari Teenage Riot, Hammer nel 1997 aveva realizzato il suo unico album ‘Shizuo Vs. Shizor’ (“but his music had a junky, lo-fi aesthetic that truly sounded like nothing else at the time, and barely anything that’s happened since. Unlike the music of Digital Hardcore labelmates such as Atari Teenage Riot, there was no political sloganeering; this was a truly warped short-attention-span trip that sounded like it was made on a barely-functioning sampler, featuring some of the most blown-out distorted breakbeats ever recorded…”), quindi formato la band Give Up assieme a Razi Barakat (aka Boy from Brazil) e più recentemente a Berlino era impegnato con i The Nothings oppure assieme alla bella valchiria Trost.


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