David Eugene Edwards & Alexander Hacke


Il primo album che nasce dalla collaborazione tra due giganti. Si chiama ‘Risha’ e sarà fuori il 22 giugno via Glitterhouse Records. David Eugene Edwards e Alexander Hacke avevano già incrociato le loro strade ai tempi dei 16 Horsepower, per il bellissimo disco reunion (2013) dei Crime & The City Solution e per altri progetti più recenti. Hacke racconta: “David and I have been admirers of each others work for some time. We first got to play together for The Glasshouse, a movie project initiated by my wife Danielle de Picciotto and during the brief resurrection of Crime & the City Solution all three of us were involved with. Shortly after I worked on Wovenhand’s Laughing Stalk album as a mixing engineer. We became close friends during these very diverse collaborations and started talking about creating music together, which would combine electronics with ethnical instruments and overdriven guitars with oriental rhythms and scales”.

This sound is a sweeping tapestry of Americana, Neo-Folk, Industrial, Ambient, Electronic and Arabic Music. ‘Risha’ – which means ‘Feather’ in Arabic – contains 10 parts: Beginning with the mystic ‘Tryptich’ which is followed by the furious beat of ‘All in the Palm’. Hacke and Edwards keep the pace with ‘The Tell’ and its driving industrial rhythm and break it down completely with track #4, “standing stone, Helios”. ‘Kiowa 5’ is shaped by fascinating drum patterns and the shamanic vocals of David Eugene Edwards. ‘Lily’ is the song that is inspired most by early Wovenhand, followed by the dark and hypnotic ‘Parish Chief’ with its almost Suicide-like vintage drumbeat, the drone excursion ‘Akhal’, before the memorable ‘Teach Us To Pray’ and the final and epic ‘Breathtaker’. Each one a piece of the puzzle; made to be listened in its entirety.