Circa Zero: il ritorno di Andy Summers


Il leggendario chitarrista dei Police Andy Summers, oggi splendido 71enne, annuncia l’uscita del debutto del suo nuovo progetto Circa Zero che condivide con il cantante Rob Giles (The Rescues). Il debutto live è avvenuto nell’estate del 2013 e il 28 marzo arriva ‘Circus Hero’ – via 429 Records – anticipato dal singolo ‘Levitation’. “A band poised to blow people away with its unique brand of rock and roll intensity. Taking full advantage of an immediate musical chemistry”. Summers spiega la differenza tra i Circa Zero e i Police: “It’s definitely expanded from the Police. I think all of the sounds are better. It’s all gotten a lot better, over the years. I play the way I play, but I’m really playing to whatever the song is. I’ve got various sonic capabilities, and there may be echoes of the Police in there, but I don’t try and make every track sound like the Police. I’m not interested in that. I’m more interested in moving, which I’ve done for many years”.


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