Chk Chk Chk: il nuovo album


In un’epoca di “notizie non notizie”, dove basta l’uscita di un video, di una foto postata sui social, di una twittata ambigua e misteriosa, per costruire “qualcosa” di interessante, ecco allora che la “riga” scritta a novembre 2016 dalla formazione californiana è apparsa come autentica manna dal cielo. A due anni da ‘As If’ i Chk Chk Chk al lavoro sul settimo disco: “Hard at work on the new LP http://Thank.God.It ‘s.Funky”. Un mese dopo il presunto titolo: ‘Save The Bongos For Later’.

UPDATE – Il nuovo album ‘Shake The Shudder’ esce il 19 maggio via Warp anticipato dal singolo ‘The One 2‘.

Let’s skip the hem, the haw, the usual hullabaloo and get to the point which is; we finished a record called ‘Shake The Shudder’ and are so proud of it. We sat in the studio for months saying things like “can u throw delay on that?” “what if we ran that through a phaser?” And “How about we put the F in Funk”. And now we have finally finished a finished-ass product of a record and if it isn’t the best thing we’ve done yet, u can just click on one of our other brilliant fucking records instead. But seriously, so proud of this one, worked so hard to the very finish just to get it right, so you’d want to listen every night and wake up early the next morning just to listen in the daylight. We think it is worthy of your immediate attention…. as soon as it comes out on May 19. Play it wherever records r played, downloads are downloaded, streams are streamed and cds sit on your shelf.


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