Bryan Ferry prega per il figlio


Un terribile incidente d’auto ha coinvolto lunedì scorso Merlin (nella foto il primo da sinistra), uno dei figli di Bryan Ferry, rimasto intrappolato nella sua macchina per oltre un’ora prima di venir soccorso. “Merlin was trapped in a car wreckage for almost an hour after an accident in Shropshire on Monday. The incident took place on the A458, half a mile to the north-west of Cressage. Another of Ferry’s sons, Otis, then to thank Wellington fire services for freeing his brother”. Otis ha dichiarato:Thank you for extracting my brother alive from what looks like a mangled box of tin. We are all continuing to pray“. Un portavoce dei vigili del fuoco racconta: “a difficult extraction due to the impact involved, had suffered multiple fractures to his legs, pelvis, left arm and had a head injury. Working with firefighters, ambulance staff very carefully freed him. He was assessed at the scene and had splints put in place along with advanced pain relief before being taken on blue lights to the major trauma centre at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham. The trauma doctor travelled with the patient”.