Bono risponde a Sharon Osbourne


Periodi di attacchi e risposte, di precisazioni e smentite, di grande “nervosismo”. Solo qualche giorno fa Sharon Osbourne aveva calcato la mano nei confronti degli U2 (leggi) e prontamente il nostro caro Bono risponde dai microfoni di Live 105-KITS (San Francisco). “Every songwriter just wants to get heard. You know, the figure of 500 million is great. That means they got a chance to download it. But the real figure is and I just heard this today that 38 million people have actually listened to the album. Apparently, one or two people didn’t like it”. E ancora sul concetto di megalomania con relativo vaffa della Osbourne: “I can’t believe she didn’t take the high road. What a shocker”. E infine sugli altri attacchi arrivati dai colleghi: “Great to stir things up. Thank you for being interested, even if you’re only interested enough to be a crank caller. Just remember this: A lot of Irish blood, sweat and tears went into your junk mail. U2 attracts a lot of haters, but we’ve got a lot of lovers too, and I think that will always drown out that other kind of noise”.