Björk: le reazioni dei "colleghi"


Album “leakkato” = album pubblicato. Una regola alla quale (purtroppo) non riesce a sfuggire neanche Björk. ‘Vulnicura‘ è ormai di dominio pubblico. La rete da circa 24 ore è scatenata. Recensioni, commenti, analisi, approfondimenti, studi, indagini, trattamenti psicanalitici, discussioni, tifo da stadio, striscioni e curve piene. Ecco come hanno reagito alcuni dei suoi “colleghi”.

Grimesom g new bjork album — yall r always on my ass for being late on new music but u cant read music blogs if u make music or u go insane.

AustraI literally had no idea bjork made her own beats until now that is so fucked.

ArcaHead spinning, heart racing, full of love: working on this record was among the most special experiences i’ve lived!

Active ChildHalfway thru #Vulnicura and I had to step outside and collect myself…was collapsing into a puddle in my chair.

The Drums New @Bjork album is devistatingly honest and heartbreakng. The break up album of the year. She’s still learning and it’s so fresh!

East India YouthCan’t believe it’s been around 12 hours and no one’s yet reviewed the new Bjork album.

Le1f ☥Bjork thanked me in the liner notes. i feel like that piece of blue jewelry at the end of Titanic.

James Vincent McMorrowI’ve only listened twice, but already the new Björk record has me.

The Half EarthSo Bjork’s album is out. I’m just in no fit state right now. Christ.

The Haxan CloakVulnicura is HERE! @bjork @arca1000000 amazing journey! xx

Rachel Goswell (Slowdive) – Listening to @bjork HAPPY DAYS!

Mykki BlancoShit fuck CONGRATULATIONS QUEEN B! @bjork say “Vulnicura” 5 times turn to ice 🙂

Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) – Listening to new @bjork album ably mixed and produced by my lovely fiendishly dark friend @haxan_cloak – very fine work guys.

To be continued…