Band Of Horses: in Italia


Un anno dopo il live ‘Acoustic at The Ryman’ la formazione di Seattle è pronta al rientro discografico. Avevamo lasciato a luglio 2015 Ben Bridwell (con Sam Beam/Iron And Wine) divertirsi con il cover album ‘Sing into My Mouth’, poi lo stesso Bridwell tre mesi dopo raccontava ad un magazine spagnolo: “It’s almost all done. After finishing an unplugged tour in Zurich I’ll spend two weeks at home, to be with my family. I’ll take the opportunity to mix the record. All that’s left is one small vocal part of a track, that’s it”. Il disco si chiama ‘Why Are You OK?‘ e sarà fuori a giugno prodotto da Jason Lytle dei rientranti Grandaddy e mixato da Dave Fridmann. Bridwell sul sound del seguito di ‘Mirage Rock’: “I think it’s close to Infinite Arms. It has some density to it, in fact I think it’s even more dense than Infinite Arms. The album was produced by Jason Lytle, who was a member of the band Grandaddy. If you listen to his band you’ll see that they’re very cinematic, very symphonic. It was very cool to trust in him. It will be a very dense record”. Intanto la band da metà giugno sarà protagonista in alcuni festival europei.

It’s with great excitement that we announce our 5th album “Why Are You OK” coming in June!

25 aprile – ‘Casual Party‘ il primo regalo in ascolto.

Il disco esce il 10 giugno via Interscope. Il nuovo brano in ascolto è ‘In a Drawer‘ che vede la partecipazione di J Mascis, Sera Cahoone e Jenn Champion. Poi tocca a ‘Whatever, Wherever‘. A fine febbraio ecco il video di ‘In a Drawer’ diretto da Roy e Vonno Ambriz.

bandof1Unica data italiana per un ritorno da consumarsi al TOdays Festival torinese.

27 agosto @ TODays Festival-Spazio211 Open Air/Torino

UPDATE – Due membri della band lasciano. Il chitarrista Tyler Ramsey e il bassista Bill Reynolds (entrati nel 2007). Il primo scrive: “Saying farewell after 10 years to the band of horses. We certainly had some good times and I’m sure I will miss the beautifully dysfunctional family we became. I’ll be releasing my new record and touring this fall and I look forward to seeing everybody!”. Il secondo: “I’d like to thank all the beautiful folks I have met out there on the road with Band of Horses. Thank you for all the support and encouragement, I am very grateful to have been a part of such an amazing band. I am moving on to pursue other things. I will be producing records, doing photography, and who knows, maybe I’ll go on the road again someday. Lots of Love, Bill”.


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