Adrian Utley (Portishead): il disco solista


Esce il 30 settembre attraverso la Invada Records di Geoff Barrow il disco solista di Adrian Utley dei Portishead. Il disco si chiama ‘In C’ ed è griffato come Adrian Utley’s Guitar Orchestra. Di cosa si tratta? “Is a recording of a performance of Terry Riley’s landmark 1964 minimalist piece Utley did earlier this year at Bristol’s St. George’s Hall with 19 guitarists, along with four organs and a bass clarinet. Taking part in the show were Portishead’s live guitarist Jim Barr, PJ Harvey collaborator John Parish and label mates Thought Forms…”. Lo stesso Utley racconta: I’ve been exploring the sonic possibilities of massed guitars for a while now in various contexts from pure noise to the sacred choral music of Arvo Part. So it was interesting to see what would happen if we had 19 electric guitars plus organs playing ‘In C’. It is an amazing piece of writing and original thought. A new free idea of organised group playing. The beginnings of what we know as minimalism. Guarda trailer


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