A Hawk And A Hacksaw: nuovo album


Si chiama ‘You have Already Gone to the Other World’ il nuovo doppio album di Jeremy Barnes e Heather Trost ovverosia A Hawk And A Hacksaw. Il duo del New Mexico è tornato discograficamente attivo il 2 aprile con il sesto capitolo a due anni da ‘Cervantine’, sempre via L.M. Dupli-cation. “There is a constant stream of music – in the fact the whole history of music – flowing in the upper atmosphere,in what they used to call the ‘Aether’. Apparently The Hawks (HAAHS) have managed to mainline a very particular vein of that lofty realm, and now the music of fervid pagans, of revelers, of the intoxicated, the sensualists and the joyful brawlers flows through them effortlessly. They’re riding the snorting steed of Bacchus. Their instruments and their voices are ecstatic swords, swooping with blithe abandon through the soft flesh of the world, killing and then discarding the ordinary and the mundane with an unbridled commitment to joy and mesmeric, gleeful self-immolation. Have fun!”Michael Gira (Swans).


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